About Us

Pure Indigo Design offers enduring, effortless jewelry made from high quality materials to last for years to come. Handcrafted from 14k Gold Fill, Sterling Silver and Natural gemstones + druzy, our designs move easily from everyday wear to special occasions. Whether you are looking to find a new go-to pair of gold hoops or matching earrings for your Bridesmaids, you'll find many distinct options in our line.  

Meet the Designer 

Designs are handcrafted by Owner | Founder, Heather Bailey. Heather is a former English Teacher, Retail Buyer and Boutique Owner turned Creator, who loves hammering on metal and forming unique designs with natural elements and a bit of sparkle.

Heather has always sought a creative outlet in her life and enjoyed working with her hands, whether painting, sketching or drafting store designs. After years of inspiration from the designers she encountered during her time in the Retail world, she was longing to make the leap from curator to creator. She began experimenting with many different genres of jewelry design and quickly gravitated toward working with natural gemstones and manipulating metal. Heather founded Pure Indigo Design in 2017 and continues to build on her skills, adding more complex designs to her portfolio.  

Mom to two hilarious and active redheads, Heather lives with her family in Florida, where she works in a home studio (often with her Labrador, Gunner, under her chair). She draws great inspiration from the beautiful elements nature provides and from her surroundings, living in an area that is a perfect mix of urban, southern and coastal elements.